3 Common Lipstick Mistakes That Women Make And How to Correct Them

Lipstick mistakes are almost as bad as making mistakes with your eyeliner wings. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to correct lipstick mistakes.

Here are three mistakes you might be making with your lipstick application and easy fixes. Use these steps to create bold looks with amazing lip color.

Mistake #1: Not Using a Lip Balm for Dry Lips

Step 1: Put on lip balm before beginning your makeup application.

Step 2: Let the lip balm set so it makes your lips smooth. Leave it on for your whole makeup process.

Step 3: Wipe off the lip balm after you have finished the rest of your makeup.

Step 4: Apply lipstick or liquid lipstick to your fresh, smooth lips.

Mistake #2: Not Cancelling Your Natural Lip Shade

Step 1: Apply concealer or foundation to your lips so your natural lip color doesn’t peek through your lipstick color.

Step 2: In this optional step, apply translucent powder to help your concealer set.

Step 3: Apply the lipstick of your choice to your even, clean canvas. This lets more pigmentation show up for a bold, colorful lip.

Mistake #3: Not Using Concealer to Cover Small Mistakes

Step 1: Dip a small, flat brush or angled brush into your concealer or foundation.

Step 2: Wipe the brush on the back of your hand or a tissue so you guarantee you don’t have too much product.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to blurred or shaky areas. You can create sharper, cleaner lines using this method.

Now you should be able to apply your lipstick flawlessly without having any problems and just smile with a beautiful lip!