5 Step Evening Makeup Photo Tutorial For Beginners

Surprisingly, creating an evening makeup look can be easy with the right products and techniques.

You can achieve a look that’s perfect for any party with just a few steps. The best part? You don’t have to be a makeup artist to look like you had your makeup done by a professional.

Your Guide to Easy Evening Makeup

This makeup look is effortless. It only takes one eyeshadow color and three other products to achieve.

1. Start with a Blank Canvas

Apply your base makeup (foundation, concealer, or both) as normal. You want to start with a fresh face and a blank canvas so the focus will be on your pretty features.

2. Prep the Eye Area

Apply an eye primer to your eyelids and the lower lash line to help your other products stay in place all night long.

Fill in your brows with a pencil and blend with a brush for a natural but defined look.

3. Apply Eyeshadow

For this look, we’ll be using a pewter/gray-colored smoky eyeshadow to give the eyes some drama. Plus, this is a color that looks great on any skin tone.

• Use an eyeshadow brush and apply the color from your lash line to just above your crease. Use a clean brush to blend out the edges so they’re soft.

• Next, use a damp eyeliner brush to apply the same color more intensely to your lash line.

• Use a dry eyeliner brush to apply that pewter color along your bottom lashes. Go all the way to the outer corners to define and highlight your eyes.

4. Make Your Lashes Fluttery

Apply lots of black mascara for fluttery, flirty lashes. Wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes to deposit extra product and make them look thicker and longer.

5. Enhance Your Lips

Finish off the look with a soft, rosy pink lipstick. For a little more drama, go for a matte liquid lipstick. If you want a natural evening look, try a lip gloss or a tinted balm.

Evening Makeup Can Be Easy as Pie

Evening makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. In fact, if you can draw a line or connect the dots, you can get a pretty, softly dramatic appearance that looks like a pro did it.

That way, you can spend your evening having fun – not running to the bathroom to touch up your makeup.