Here’s a simple guide on how to do eye makeup

Eye makeup is one of the most alluring things a woman can wear. Designed to enhance and compliment the natural beauty, eye makeup can be anything from sweet to sexy, and knowing how to create unique looks allows you to play with your style day in and day out.

What’s more, learning to how to do eye makeup is simpler than you might think, and only involves learning about traditional types of makeup and knowing how to use them to create different looks.

Eyeshadow 101

Eyeshadow is one of the foundational types of eye makeup. No makeup look is complete without a sweep of eyeshadow. With the right eyeshadow colors, tools, and application techniques, you can quickly achieve the sexy, demure, sweet, or natural look you desire.

Types of Eyeshadows

For your eyeshadow to look as beautiful as possible, you first have to choose the right kind. Some eyeshadows work better for some skin types than they do for others. Here's a breakdown of the primary varieties:

• Powder Eyeshadow:

If you have oily skin, this option is your best bet. Thanks to its dry formula, it resists creasing on the skin. What's more, powder eyeshadow is ideal for layering and can offer a dramatic look or a soft, natural finish. Most Makeup newbies prefer powder eyeshadow because it comes in palettes: quads, trios, and duos that complement each other and can be worn together.

• Cream Eyeshadow:

Cream eyeshadows last for hours. Commonly used by theater makeup artists for their shimmery, demi-pearl finish, cream eyeshadows complement a wide variety of makeup styles. This type is moist when applied and dries to a slightly reflective finish.

• Crayon and Stick Eyeshadow:

These varieties are perfect for on-the-go types. They are easy to use because they do not require an applicator.

• Metallic and Matte Eyeshadow:

These types are the most popular among beauty gurus right now. Since they offer more depth and definition to the eyes, these are ideal for creating a dramatic look. Beware: they can look patchy or unflattering in the hands of makeup newbies!

How to Avoid Eyeshadow Creasing

One of the most difficult aspects of learning how to do eye makeup is learning to avoid common eye makeup issues — namely, eyeshadow creasing. Eyeshadow creasing occurs when your once-smooth eyeshadow bunches up into the crease of your eye, leaving you looking more like a sad clown than a beauty queen. Luckily, it can be avoided. Here are a few tips:

• Use an Eyeshadow Primer.

Today, there are primers designed specifically for the sensitive eye area. These primers help decrease oil on the eyelid and create a surface for eyeshadow to stick to.

• Find the Right Type of Shadow.

For best results, look for eyeshadows that are water-resistant, long-wearing, or waterproof. These will resist creasing and look fab all day.

• Skip the Facial Oil or Moisturizer.

If you apply facial oils or moisturizers before putting on makeup, keep them away from the eye area. The additional moisture can cause your eye makeup to slip or melt in mere hours.

• Keep Blotting Papers Handy.

Keep shine at bay by using blotting papers or sheets for touch-ups. To use, gently blot the eye area to eliminate shine without ruining your makeup.

Eye Makeup Tools for Beginners

If you're a little intimidated by makeup application, you're not alone. There's a common misconception that you need a suitcase of makeup brushes and tools to look beautiful and polished. Fortunately, this isn't true. In fact, you can start building your kit with these five simple makeup tools:

• All-Over Eyeshadow Brush.

These brushes are so versatile; you can use them all over or in the crease for eye definition.

• Smudge Brush.

Who doesn’t want that smokey eye look? A densely packed smudge brush is used to “smudge” kohl liner or dark eyeshadow.

• Blending Brush.

A must for finishing your look. This is used to blend all your eyeshadow colors for a soft finish.

• Angled Eyeliner Brush.

If you desire precise eyeliner application, this brush will be your best friend. You can also use it to perfect brows.

• Brow/Lash Comb.

Resembling a small comb, this brush is used to remove mascara clumps, tame messy brows, and soften brow lines.

Eye Makeup 101

When it comes to makeup application, some looks are best for the daytime, and others are best during a night out. Here are a few basic eye makeup tips to take you from work to nighttime cocktails.

Use Neutrals, Nudes, and Browns During the Day

These colors are the best bet if you want a natural look. Use a flattering nude shade to brighten the eye area without looking over-done. Ideal for everything from work meetings to lunch with friends, a neutral eye will go with bold lips or more muted colors.

Save Black, Grey, and Dark Colors for a Night Out

Sexy smokey eyes? Check! Use these colors if you want more eye definition and depth. If you plan to go for a dramatic eye, chose a nude lip color to avoid overpowering your look.

4 Most Popular Eye Makeup Styles

The most stylish women out there have a go-to look that they rely on. If you're a makeup newbie, it can be hard to pinpoint yours. Here are a few of the most popular makeup styles to play with:

1. Natural Eye Makeup

Are you a big fan of the no-makeup look? Natural eye makeup relies on neutral colors that enhance the beauty of the eyes. To master this look, go for a neutral shade on the lids, a sweep of brown eyeliner, a few coats of mascara, and a nude or light pink lip.

Remember to use an eyeshadow shade that matches your skin tone. For best results, buy a neutral eyeshadow palette and experiment with different basic looks before trying out more creative styles.

2. Dramatic Eye Makeup

Do you want to try a sophisticated look? Combine dark and neutral shades to highlight, define, and enhance your eyes. Metallic colors are ideal for this look, as they add more drama to the eye.

To start, apply a neutral eyeshadow as your base. From there, add a medium neutral color to your eye crease, making a slight "v" at the outer corner of the eye for definition.

Highlight your brow bone using a powder or cream highlighter and then blend the entire eye gently to avoid harsh lines. For added definition, line your eyes with liquid eyeliner. Choose a neutral color, so you don't overpower your look. Curl your eyelashes and then apply a few coats of mascara.

3. Romantic Eye Makeup

This is the best look for special occasions. If you want to look glamorous without the effort, here's how to start: using a bold eye pencil or liquid eyeliner, line your upper lid. Following the lash line, extend the color a bit beyond the eyes.

Think of Cleopatra’s iconic cat eyes.

Then, line your lower lash line. You can also smudge a bit of eyeshadow under the lower lashes for a softer look. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Finish the look by applying dramatic false eyelashes.

4. Smokey Eye Makeup

This is the makeup style of choice for ladies who want to feel like they run the world. The cornerstone of this look is defined eyes, which means you'll want to start with a neutral eyeshadow color on your crease. From there, use a dark gray or black liquid liner. Following your lash line, line the upper lid, extending the color just beyond the corner of the eye.

Using your smudge brush, apply a dark color on the corner of your eyes. Blend the lines to set the color. To finish the look, apply several coats of mascara. You can also try false eyelashes to draw more attention to your eyes. For added effect, make your face pop by using a nude lip color.

Remember: it's a makeup no-no to use a bold lip color when rocking the smokey eye look since the goal is to look classy and not tacky. You can also add highlighter on your brow and cheekbones to give your face more dimension.

Experimenting Is the Only Way to Learn How to Do Eye Makeup

There are no right or wrong looks when you're first learning how to do eye makeup. While the entire pursuit seems a little scary, it's easier than most girls think, and buying a few palettes and playing with them is the best way to start getting comfortable.

Makeup is made to help you highlight your beauty, creativity, and individuality.

As you start to gain confidence with the palettes you purchase, you'll learn to master different looks and use makeup as a versatile tool to be the woman you want to be.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message in the comments section.