Ever Wondered What All The Different Types Of Eyeliners Are For?

I will show you what their uses are and how to use them correctly to achieve the best style.

Eyeliners are a beauty must-have and many of us cannot live without. But are you using the right one for your look, and how can you create maximum impact with each type of eyeliner?

Whether you want to create the perfect flick or you’re after a subtle, smoky look, one bog-standard eyeliner isn’t going to achieve all of this for you. Unfortunately, with the wrong eyeliner you can soon give yourself two black eyes, which isn’t a good look – unless you’re attending a Halloween party!

Each eyeliner has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and I explain these below:

Kohl Pencil Eyeliners

This type of eyeliner is a firm favorite because it’s easy to apply and can be smudged around due to its creamy quality. Smoky eyes are easily achieved when you’re using a kohl pencil, but beware of smudging after application. These eyeliners are also perfect for applying to your waterline.

However, you’ll probably find that kohl eyeliners don’t last for a long period of time, and creases tend to appear after application. Therefore, they’re great for short periods of time or for adding to eyeshadow, but don’t rely solely on this eyeliner, especially if you’re heading out for the whole day – take it with you if you are!

Gel Eyeliners

Gel eyeliner is available in a pot so you can apply it with a brush, or it can be purchased as a gel pencil. As these are made of wax they’re a much more reliable eyeliner than your kohl pencil – once it’s been applied, it’ll stay put! It’s also waterproof, which is why it’s great for applying to your waterline – but be wary of using a pot of gel eyeliner to do this as you could get some in your eye. Instead, opt for a gel pencil or use a standard pencil eyeliner which you’ve dipped into the gel solution.

Due to its creamy consistency a gel eyeliner can help you control the look you’re trying to achieve. One downside to these eyeliners is they can dry out after a while, particularly in the pot form.

Liquid Eyeliners with a Brush Tip

When it comes to staying power, liquid eyeliner wins hands down. Equally, if you’re looking for precision, this is the right tool for the job. However, because of that, this eyeliner does require a steady hand, and it can’t be smudged to create a smoky look.

Liquid eyeliner with a brush tip is perfect if you want to create thin lines that you know will last all day and night. Just remember that you can’t apply this to your waterline and you have to allow the liquid time to dry.

Felt-Tip Pen Liquid Eyeliners

If you haven’t got a steady hand and find liquid eyeliners intimidating, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner may be the best solution. These give you slightly more control over the lines you’re creating and also allow you to achieve thicker styles.

Downsides to these types of eyeliners include an added risk of smudges and the inability to add lots of product, like you can with a brush. However, this can be handy as it means there’s less chance of your eyeliner flaking off over time because you’ve applied too much.

Other Pencil Eyeliners

Alongside the kohl pencil eyeliner there are a few other varieties, each with properties that you may find beneficial.

For example, a kajal eyeliner isn’t creamy in consistency, which means it’s easy to apply but won’t smudge easily. The longevity of this eyeliner is also much longer than a kohl eyeliner, especially on the waterline. All you need to do to use this type of eyeliner is add a drop of water and it’ll start working straight away.

Alternatively, a regular pencil eyeliner combines kajal and kohl eyeliners, creating a versatile makeup product that’s ideal for everyday use. It’s good for creating precise lines and for using on your waterline – you could even try adding flicks if you get the point sharp enough. Sadly, like its kohl counterpart this eyeliner does lack some staying power, and you may find it starts to wear away after several hours.

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, there’s an eyeliner suited for the job. Arm yourself with a few (or all) of these eyeliners in your makeup kit and you’ll be good to go for all occasions, whether you’re glamming it up or toning it down.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message in the comments section.