How to Apply Kajal Step by Step With Pictures and Video

Make your eyes pop by applying “Kajal”, also known as black eyeliner. If your eyeliner is constantly smudging and smearing, Kajal is a great alternative.

Let’s look at the basics of applying it.

Getting Started

To start applying Kajal, you will need to following tools: favorite Kajal product, concealer or eye primer, eyeshadow-liner brush (slanted, structured, brush), and eyeshadow-smudging brush (fluffier, round, brush)

If you don’t have the extra eyeshadow brushes you can still apply your Kajal products effectively. The extra brushes give you more options to create different looks. While not having brushes limits your options, it isn’t a game changer.

Step 1

Start with a clean base. Add concealer or eye primer onto your eyelid area to get rid of any discoloration which you can have. This will give you a clean surface to work with.

Step 2

Hold the pencil/brush horizontally so the applicator is lined with your upper eyelid.

• Don’t hold the applicator vertically.

Step 3

Sweep your Kajal pencil or liner brush across the base of your eyelid. Start at the inner part of your upper eye and extend outward — do this in one swift motion.

• For a bolder look, create a wider line in the middle of your eyelid.
• Make your eyes look bigger with thicker lines at the corner of your eyes

Step 4

Gently pull down your bottom eyelid to apply Kajal to inner eyelid and/or waterline.
• Use ring finger to gently access your waterline. Your ring finger distributes the least force.

Step 5

Sweep Kajal product to the inner eyelid and/or waterline from the outside of your eye to the inside.

• Sweep back and forth more than once for a darker and even look.
• Optional: Use eyeshadow-smudging brush to smudge Kajal to obtain a smoky and darker look

That’s it. Dramatic, bold eyes in a matter of minutes.

How To Apply Kajal Youtube | For Beginners :