How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Without Lip Liner: Step by Step With Pictures

Applying liquid lipstick is hard for most people. The color can get all over your face, or it bleeds away from your lips. Those are problems that no one wants to deal with. Using this tutorial, you won’t have to anymore. Follow these steps to apply liquid lipstick without those annoying issues.

Step 1: Start by canceling out your natural lip color with either foundation or concealer.

Step 2: Choose your favorite shade of liquid lipstick.

Step 3: When you open the lipstick, you will have a lot of product on the applicator. Use this on your bottom lip, starting in the middle.

Step 4: If needed, spread the rest of the product in the middle of your upper lip, depending on your lip size.

Step 5: Outline the lower lip with the applicator now that you have less product on it. Lining your lips like this helps create a guideline.

**Step 6: **Repeat step 5 on your upper lip.

Step 7: Fill in your guide lines with the color your put on the middle of your lips. If you need more color, dip the lip applicator into the tube again to get more product. You can use this to create a cleaner outline. Be careful not to dip the applicator too deep because you do not want to load too much product on the applicator. You can always get more if needed.

Step 8: Clean up any mistakes or bleeding color with a small angled brush and concealer.