How To Apply Your Makeup From Start To Finish For Beginners

Applying makeup can be easy even for beginners with these few helpful steps.

Step 1: Start prepping your face by applying moisturizer with your fingers. You should always moisturize your face before applying makeup to keep it from drying out or breaking out. If you have extremely oily skin, you may want to use an oil-controlling primer on top of the moisturizer for added protection.

Step 2: Using a foundation brush or dampened sponge, apply your foundation or BB cream.

Step 3: Use a thinner brush such as an eye shadow brush, a concealer brush, or a lip brush or dampened sponge to apply concealer under your eyes. Cover spots, blemishes, or pimples with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Step 4: Using a big powder brush, apply translucent powder all over your face. Then use a smaller brush to apply the powder under your eyes. Once foundation has been set, you may now apply dry, powdered products on your face.

Step 5: Framing your face is an important step in makeup application. Start by filling in your eyebrows. Use a spooly lash/brow comb and eye shadow or brow powder that matches your natural eyebrow color. Then using an angled brush, fill in your brows to add definition.

Step 6: Start applying eye shadow by using only one or two shades to keep it simple.If you use only one shade, apply a shimmer or matte color with your finger. Then use a blending brush to blend the eye shadow up to the crease. When you open your eye fully, you should be able to see the color coming above your crease. Choose a shade that suits your natural skin tone, like a natural or earthy shade.

If you’re going for two shades, either choose two matte shades or one matte and one shimmer shade. Take the darker matte shade and place it in your crease and above with a fluffy round eye shadow brush. Next, apply the shimmer shade or lighter matte shade to your lid and blend it towards the crease. Use the matte shade to add some color to your lower lash line too
Step 7: Apply mascara. Keep your head high and tilted, so you can apply mascara without worrying about your eye shadow.

Step 8: Apply blush using a medium round fluffy face brush. Start with just a little dab then just slowly build it up as needed.

Step 9: Choose a lipstick and apply it to your lips. To avoid the color bleeding, you can use a lip liner and lip brush for a clean look.