How To Fill In And Define Your Brows Using Eyebrow Pencil With Pictures

Bold makeup is in right now, and that means full, defined eyebrows. Learn how to keep up with the trend in this video. You will need an eyebrow pencil matching your brow color (with a sharp tip), concealer, and a lash/brow comb or spoolie brush.

Step 1: Brush through your brows using a lash/brow comb or a spoolie brush.

Step 2: Find your perfect eyebrow shape. Measure 3 main points where your brow starts, where it ends, and the highest point in your arch, and mark each with an eyeliner pencil.

To know where the brow should start hold the brow brush against your nostril, then go straight past the inner corner of your eye.

Next, angle the brow brush from your nose to meet the outer corner of your eye. Mark where your eyebrow should end using this point.

To find your arch, angle the brow brush from your nostril so it points straight across your pupil. Your final mark will be where your brush crosses your eyebrow at this angle.

Step 3: Brush down any stray brow hairs. Fill in the top part of your brow using short, feathery strokes and follow your guide points. Fill in sparse areas, and create a top line with a light hand.

Step 4: Brush up brow hair and fill in the bottom part.

Step 5: Fill in the middle of your brow drawing strokes toward your brow tail. Keep strokes soft at the front, then make it bolder as you reach the brow tail.

Step 6: Clean up mistakes and sharpen the edges of your brow with concealer.