How To Get Thicker Eyebrows In Seven Simple Steps With Pictures!

For bold, beautiful brows, follow these steps to create your perfect eyebrow shape and thickness.

Step 1: Once a month, tweeze your eyebrows to maintain their shape. To find your perfect brow shape, you’ll need a small eyeshadow brush and a brow pencil.

To mark the natural start of your brow, hold the brow brush against your nostril and angle it by the inner corner of your eye.

Next, angle the brow brush from your nose to the outer corner of your eye and mark where the brush meets your brow to determine the natural end of your eyebrow.

Finally, find your natural arch by angling the brow brush from your nostril to your pupil, and mark where the brush crosses your eyebrow.

Step 2: Using a spoolie or brow comb, fill your brows in with brow powder, eyeshadow, or tinted brow gel.

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Step 3: Brush down any stray hairs. Fill in top part of your brow using short, feathery strokes, following your guide points. Create a top line with a light hand.

Step 4: Brush up brow hairs and fill in the bottom part.

Step 5: Fill in the middle of your brow by drawing strokes toward the end. Use soft strokes at the front, and bolder strokes at the end.

Step 6: Clean up mistakes and sharpen the edges of your brow with concealer.

Step 7: Keep your brows in place using either brow gel or a spoolie and hairspray, so they won’t be messy during the day.



Voila Thicker Eyebrows: