How To Use Color Correcting Concealer Correctly In Real Life

Do you wonder how to fix discoloration on your face each day? How much product should you use? And which colors cancel out your problem areas?

Use green to cancel redness and purple to get rid of yellows. Pink color correctors cancel brown, while orange products cancel blue. Finally, yellow color correcting products cancel out excessive redness.

I’m going to show you on my face what I use to neutralize discoloration.

Step 1: Start with cancelling blue areas under your eyes with an orange or peachy color. Take a small concealer brush or your finger, and use a tiny bit of the orange color correcting concealer. Blend it with your finger or a brush, creating a very thin layer. If you aren’t able to cover it up, you can use additional concealer later.

Step 2: Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to dust translucent powder over the orange area so cream concealer won’t move with the rest of your makeup.

Step 3: Use a greenish/yellow color correcting concealer to cancel out redness caused by broken capillaries, red cheeks, or breakouts. Use a small concealer brush and spot conceal, applying a thin layer of the greenish color only where you need it.

Step 4: Dust more translucent powder to set the green concealer. Now the concealer won’t move when you finish your makeup.

Step 5: Now you can finish the rest of your makeup. You won’t see any discoloration because you have now used the color correcting concealer correctly!

How To Use Color Correcting Concealer Correctly In Real Life Video: