Teenagers are becoming increasingly obsessed with makeup – but what effect is this having on them?

Cast your mind back 10 years, and you’d have seen lots of fresh-faced schoolgirls and boys heading to class. Today, however, paints a very different picture, as many are caked in so much makeup they become unrecognizable.

In fact, a recent study found more than 50% of those aged under 14 wear cosmetics every day, while 17% of girls (some as young as 12) don’t feel as though they can leave the house without full makeup.

Should we be worried, or is it just a “sign of the times?”

The Negative Effects of Makeup and Teens

One huge downside to teens wearing lots of product on their face is makeup acne. And with so much pressure placed on them to look “perfect,” they’re more likely to cover up blemishes with even more makeup. This clogs their pores, creates more spots, and sees them entering into a vicious cycle.

Another huge and more damaging effect makeup can have is on young girls’ hormones. Researchers have discovered a link between the chemicals found in many makeup products and a number of health-related problems or hormone effects. When a young teen’s hormones are only just developing, these chemicals can upset the right balance, and may also lead to severe problems, such as infertility.

There’s also the question of self-esteem and what part makeup is playing in this. As you saw in the first study, many teens feel unable to leave their home without wearing makeup. However, a lot of this is because of them wanting to cover up their imperfections, but without really having the right education on what makeup can do to dry, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. That’s why it’s imperative parents and teachers are educating young people about the skincare routines they’re using.

Turning Negatives into Positives

Even though, for many of us, this newfound obsession teenage girls have with makeup is hard to comprehend,but it isn’t something that’s going to change anytime soon!

Therefore, we need to reverse many of the negative side effects makeup has on teens. Instead of lathering their faces in makeup every day, they need to understand that less makeup is most definitely more! And to make sure their skin copes with their makeup usage, they need to understand the dos and don’ts of a good skincare routine.

If teens wear makeup, they need to watch out for products that contain harmful chemicals, like phthalates and parabens, and opt for water-based makeup. They should also avoid using any of their friends’ makeup because this can increase the risk of bacterial infections that lead to acne.

Whether we like it or not, times are most definitely changing, which is why we need to create good habits in our youngsters and teenagers. My goal is to show them how to achieve a natural look without too much makeup and promote the importance of great skincare, and educate them on the products they should/shouldn’t be using.

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