The "No Makeup" Makeup Look Tutorial With Pictures

A trendy look right now is “no makeup” makeup. This is where you are definitely wearing makeup, but you apply it so you look almost bare-faced.

Got that?

No matter how you feel about trends, it can be fun to experiment with your look and try new makeup techniques. Plus, this is a pretty way to achieve a fresh face and look like you didn’t try at all.

6 Simple Tips for “No Makeup” Makeup

It turns out, you need to put in a little effort in order to achieve “effortless” beauty. Stick to these tips to nail the “no makeup” look and get that “I woke up like this” face.

1. Skip Foundation…

You can’t achieve the “no makeup” look if you’re wearing noticeably heavy foundation.
Instead, you want your skin to look dewy with a natural glow. To get it, use a light coverage product like BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturizer. These add moisture, smooth out your skin, and in most cases, add much-needed sun protection.

2. But Depend on Concealer

Concealer is your best friend for the “no makeup” look. Tap it on to blemishes, acne, and dark spots. Gently blend it over dark circles, too.

3. Brighten and Highlight

Some good highlighting can give you that glow-y look. Choose a shimmery cream formula and blend it onto your cheekbones, your brow bones, the inside corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, the high point of your forehead, and your cupid’s bow.

4. Go for Groomed Brows and Lashes

The key to a natural, “no makeup” look is avoiding heavy application of any product. That includes mascara and brow fillers or definers.

Instead, apply one coat of mascara to your upper lashes only, and neaten brows by brushing them into place with a clear brow gel.

5. Blend, Blend, Blend Your Blush

For the most natural look, choose a cream blush versus a powder, and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend with your fingers or a brush. Apply it where your face naturally flushes and blend outward toward your temples.

6. Tint Your Lips

To enhance your lips without any obvious product, use a light lip balm that’s only a slightly different shade from your natural color. It will add moisture, shine, and just the right amount of “oomph.”

“No Makeup” Makeup Is a Fun Trend to Try

Now that you know what it takes, try out this trend for yourself. Most of all, remember to always have fun with your makeup and you’ll never go wrong.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message in the comments section.